Ride On Roller details

Designed as a lightweight asphalt roller, effective in the compaction of level sub-layers as well as finish layers on roads, driveways, parking lots, or any other asphalt surfaces. Articulated steering provides a high degree of maneuverability making this roller ideal for use along curbs, walls or foundations. Also excellent for compaction of asphalt repairs

The drive circuit is equipped with a towing valve to allow oil to bypass the drive motors and let the roller freewheel for towing.

The towing valve should be used in emergency cases where the machine has become bogged down in loose or muddy soil, or cannot be driven due to an engine or
hydraulic system failure.

Technical Details

Model: Rd11a
Dry Weight 2,040 Lb
Op Weight 2,430 Lb.
Gas Tank Holds 6 Gal= App. 4 Hours Operation.
Water Tank Capacity Is 40.5 Gal.
Max Grade 27%
Continuous Is 35%
Intermittent Compaction of Up To 4″ Asphalt or Up To 10″ Sub Base.
Centrifugal Force 5400 Lbs.
Drum Width 36 Over All Size L=82″ W=42″ Height Is 60″.
Can Fill Rear Roller With Water