<h1> Hand Tamper for Rent </h1>

Technical Details

10″ x 10″ steel plate with 60″ steel handle/deadblow action (lead shot cylinder) for 30% more impact for compacting narrow trenches.

The Seymour Tamper is designed to work hard on the job. The tamper head is 10 by 10 inches of solid cast iron that is crafted for strength and durability, then painted to protect it from wear and tear. The 44-inch-long handle is made of contoured hardwood so that it is both rugged and comfortable to handle. Seymour dries hardwood squares in special kilns to eliminate further drying and shrinking after manufacture, ensuring that their hardwood handles will resist cracking and weathering. This tamper has the high performance and dependability you can count on from Seymour products. Since 1872, Seymour has been dedicated to crafting hand tools that combine old world craftsmanship with new world technology–over 125 years of looking to the future.

Technical Details

Heavy-duty industrial
Solid cast iron 10″ x 10″ head with braced corner
Aluminum paint provides superior rust resistance
Lacquered 42″ contoured hardwood handle
Handle is screw-nailed to head to prevent separation