These Wacker trench rollers are ideally suited for the compaction of utility excavations, sub bases for foundations, roads and parking lots. The sheepfoot drums and vibration speed also offer optimum compaction of cohesive soils. Articulated trench rollers feature a dual joy stick remote control box for easy steering.

Sheepfoot Compactor Rental Specifications

– 32 inch wide machine fits into tight spaces with ease.

– Patented below the axle exciter in each drum allows for more efficient transfer of compaction energy to the soil.

– Choice of high (14000 lb) or low (7000 lb) compaction for for a variety of soil conditions and applications .

– Special safety bar provides extra protection to operator when machine is in reverse.

– Compact design with fully enclosed, protected components and low center of gravity offers stable operation, even with narrow drums.

– Fully hydraulic drive with articulated steering provides smooth forward and reverse operation, excellent maneuverability, and productivity compared to skid steer units.

– Convenient electric start diesel engine powers an economical and highly productive machine.

– Standard remote cable control allows comfortable operation for any height operator.

– Remote cable box has simple lever control with automatic stop for operator’s safety. REMOTE CONTROL ACCESSORY KIT

– Infrared remote control allows operator to control machine from above excavation with line-of-sight control. Much safer than radio controls, quick installation.

– Multi-channel transmitter controls travel, steering, starting and vibration by operator for easy operation and greater productivity.

– Operating range of up to 65 ft. for operator convenience.

Technical Details
  • Weight 3020 lbs
  • Model: RT82
  • Length 80″
  • Width 32″
  • 18 hp at 2600 rpm
  • Fuel consumption 1.1 gph
  • Tank capacity 5.6 gal
  • Centrifugal force 7000 lbs total applied force per drum 8000 lbs
  • Compaction depth aprox 28″ gradeability 15%
  • Working speed 68′ per min
  • Travel speed forward only 136′ per min
  • Turning radius inside 63″
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