Vibratory Plate Compactor for Rent


From preparing a driveway, requiring soil compaction or patching asphalt, to compacting a new road or railway sleeper bed, Wacker Neuson’s huge range of vibration plate compaction machines can handle the job.

Vibration plate machines use the latest in vibration technology and are available in various sizes to meet all Landscaping Equipment, Construction Equipment or Paving Equipment needs. The Compaction Vibration Equipment will suit home handyman or landscaping professional, right up to road or rail crews working to tight budgets and even tighter deadlines.

Wacker Vibratory Plates have set the standard for the industry in confined area compaction of sand, gravel and crushed aggregate, as well as hot and cold asphalt. These vibratory plates are ideal for backfill trenches, slab base preparation, curbs and gutters. Wacker plates can compact 10 to 40 inch lifts of soil.

Technical Details

Model: WP155OAW
Dimensions: 19.5” x 23”