Spider plate assembly is precision machined for total balance compensation and exacting tolerances. Sturdy, easy to clean chromed open or close guard rings. Sturdy tri-tube chrome handle provides greater leverage and ease of control. Close proximity of all three basic operating controls provides the utmost in operation safety and convenience. Wide variety of finish, combination clip-on float blades or float pans. Optional folding or adjustable height handlers. Optional ‘Instapitch’ blade angle adjusting feature.

Technical Details

Width: 36″ (90 cm)
Blade Size 10″ x 14″
Finish Trowel Size 6″ x 14″
Combination Blade Size 8″ x 14″
Blade Speed (RPM) 130-160
Engine Speed (RPM) 3600
Clutch Type Centrifugal
Variable Speed Yes
Gearbox Oil Agma 8 compounded gear oil
Gearbox Oil Capacity 16 oz. (473 ml), 19 oz. (562 ml)
Engine Fuel Gasoline – Unleaded
Engine Oil Alert Yes
Cooling Air
Starting Recoil Starter – Manual
Dead-man Safety Switch Yes
Fuel Capacity (approximately) 3 Gal. (12.5 L)
Running Time (approximately) 2 ½ hours
Number of Blades 4
Engine Acoustic Power Lwa (dB) 97-103
Engine Acoustic Pressure Lpa (Db) 82-86
Level of Vibration 1.1-1.5
Vibration value on the handle 7.0 aw
Weight 186.00 lbs