20-30 lb Chipping Hammers for Rent

Four Bolt Backhead: This unique design reduces handle breakage. The common problem of a threaded handle-to-barrel connection coming loose and damaging the handle and internal parts has been eliminated.

D-Handle: The strong D configuration is large enough to provide a comfortable, sure grip, even for a gloved hand.

Minimal Lubrication Required: With its unique design and materials, normal oil carry-over from the compressor, combined with moisture in the air, will usually provide sufficient lubrication under normal operating conditions.

Smoother Operation: The Sullair chipping hammer’s unique backhead design results in greater operator comfort.

Choice of Stroke Length and Bushings: The Sullair chipping hammer is available in 2″, 3″ and 4″ strokes with either .680 round or .580 hex bushings.

Exhaust Deflector: A durable molded exhaust deflector directs exhaust air away from the operator.

Air Inlet Option: Two air inlet bushings are furnished: 3/8″ NPT and 7/8-24, internal thread. The bushings provide for versatile hose connections while protecting the handle inlet threads.

Use with at least a 130 cfm compressor
Used for light work
5/8″ shank steel with oval collar
Weight 18 5/8 lbs.
Length 16 1/2″
Bore & Stroke 1 1/8″ x 4 1/4″
Impact Rate 1800 blows/min.
Air Consumption 30 cfm
Air Inlet Diameter 3/8″ NPT or 7/8-24
Shipping Weight 20 lbs. Chuck Size .680 round .580 hex