Of course, no bond is completely secure without DUO-FAST fasteners. DUO-FAST fasteners ensure all bonds are tight and sure. All DUO-FAST fasteners are:

Crafted of galvanized, heavy-duty steel. These high-strength, consistently reliable fasteners ensure maximum hold for superior adhesive bonding.
Optimized to enhance the performance of DUO-FAST tools. DUO-FAST fasteners are available in a wide variety of leg lengths, gauge sizes and point shapes.
Designed for unsurpassed holding power and smooth, easy driving into the toughest surfaces—without flagging, bending or breaking.
Whatever the application, DUO-FAST makes the right staples for your installation needs.

Electric Tacker Takes 1/8″ Crown 9/16” Long Staples For Carpet, Upholstery, Panelling, Etc.