Concrete Mixer 2 Cubic ft for Rent

Technical Details

Compact and Portable
For homeowner projects, feed blending on the farm, small jobs on the construction site, in the rental fleet… plus many other uses. All models feature up to 2 cu. ft. batch, 1/3 hp electric motor and and all poly drum for easy cleaning.

25CMP Wheelbarrow
Lightweight wheelbarrow style for easy portability. Two 6 inch turf tires and adjustable handles aid in transport and dumping. Ideal where portability is a factor.

25CMPT Pedestal
Pedestal style for easy filling of drum. Quad-leg design for stability. Easily disassembles into three parts for easy transport and storage. Adjustable drum swivels 360 degrees for easy loading and precision dumping.

25CMPC Combination
Combination style – Wheels and Stand.
Two mixers styles in one – a wheelbarrow and a pedestal. It offers the transport convenience of a wheelbarrow and the charging and discharging convenience of a pedestal. The mixer features an easy-to-assemble pedestal the swivels 360° and provides for a higher discharge height.

Technical Details

Model: STONE 2cm , 1/3 hp
Bag capacity : 1/4