Drive a post with less effort using this air powered PD-55 post driver. Rhino post drivers deliver up to 1700 blows per minute. Ideal for driving in places that are hard to reach.

You have to provide enough air capacity and a filter-regulator-lubricator. The PD-55 uses 42 CFM (1.17 m3/min.) @ 90 PSI (6.5 kg/cm2) Approx. Wt. 54.6 lbs.. For minimum compressor requirements, we recommend the 40 CFM KAESER portable screw compressors. For higher altitude work you will need a bigger compressor like the VANAIR Viper 70 CFM rotary screw compressor. You can always use a large 185 CFM “pull-behind” compressor and just choke the air down to 42 CFM at the compressor.

The filter-regulator-lubricator (not included with PD-55) assures that you have clean air with consistent pressure and ten drops of oil per minute. Throttle kit and regulator and hose are not included.

The PD-55 comes with a “master chuck”. The “master chuck” is a 3 7/8″ cylinder. You can get the optional U-Channel post chucks to drive U-channel sign posts.

Requires Compressor
Air Consumption: 42 CFM (1.19 m3/min) @ 90 PSI (6.4 kg/cm2)
Medium Duty Post Driver with a 3 7/8″ (98.4 mm)
I.D. Master Chuck, uses 42 CFM (1.19 m3/min) @ 90 psi (6.4 kg/cm2).
Approx. Wt. 54.6 lbs (24.8 kg)