A Rear Tine Tiller rental will give you an all Hydraulic Heavy Duty Fullsize Rear TineTiller with fingertip controls that are simple to understand and easy to operate for the inexperienced or professional user.

Wheels and tines work independently of each other, allowing the wheels to travel at variable speed while the engine and tines remain at full speed.

Tiller Reartine, Barreto (Barreto – 1320)

Large Tiller Rental Specifications

– has forward and reverse wheel drive/Tine Drive.

– comes with small trailer and requires A2″ Ball

– 13 HP

– Length: 77″

– Width: 27″

– Height: 44″

– Tine Width: 20″

– Tine Diameter: 14.5″

– Wheel Width: 23″

– Weight: 560 lbs.