Electric Hedge Trimmer for Rent


Stamped, thru-hardened high carbon tool steel blades maintain a sharp edge for longer periods of time. This means less downtime for maintenance. Little Wonder blades last 6 to 10 times longer then other steel blades.
Most hedge trimmers feature only one set of blades that move. Little Wonder Electric Hedge Trimmers feature double reciprocating blades for reduced vibration and heavier cuts.
Cuts up to 1/2″ Diameter Growth, our hand sharpened blades let you shear new growth, as well as established heavy growth
Gears Designed for 20% More Cutting Speed. Case hardened steel gears for durability and longer life. Angled gear teeth transmit greater torque for more power from the motor to the blades.
Motor stops in less then 1/2 second if either switch is released. Reduces the chance of coming into contact with moving blades. Meets or exceeds International Safety Standards.
Blades will only engage if both switches are simultaneously depressed. Increases user safety. The first of its kind in North America.
Double-Insulated Motor is Ball Bearing Mounted. Top and bottom ball bearing mounts ensure smoother, cooler running and longer life. Also produces less friction for increased blade power.
Cord Management System molded into the rear handle, this hook keeps the extension cord from coming unplugged during operation.
Brush cap and gear case covers remove easily for maintenance. No need to separate the housing.
Ergonomic Handle Configuration shaped to you hands natural form, less fatiguing design, adjustable front handle, precision balanced, and light. Easier to use for longer periods of time.
10dB reduction in sound pressure (volume the operator hears), 8dB reduction in the total noise level (amount put into environment).
Double Edge Blade offers great cutting performance in either direction.
Extra strong frame bar for years of use.