Thaw Ground – quickly, easily and economically
– 1,100 – 2,200 sq. ft., standard
– up to 2,200 sq. ft. in 1/2 the time, with accessories

Cure Concrete – in cold weather with confidence
(Video – Curing with Pex Tubing in Sub-Freezing Temperatures)
– up to 2,200 sq. ft., standard
– up to 6,600 sq. ft. with accessories

Prevent Frost – large areas, very economically
– up to 3,300 sq. ft., standard
– up to 9,900 sq. ft. with accessories

Heat Workspace – dry heat and fuel efficient
– up to 180,000 cu. ft., with accessories

Up to 115 hours run-time
Engineered for reliable, trouble-free starts
Easy to operate
Built Tundra Tough™
87% heater efficiency – highest in the industry

Flip 2 switches
Layout the hose
Place poly and insulation
That’s it! No complicated manifolds. No valves to open or close. No hoses to connect. Why do it the hard way? Ground Heaters’ long hoses allow easy, flexible setup for all applications. It doesn’t get any easier than a Ground Heater.


Length – hitch assembly extended- 114″
Length – hitch assembly folded- 88″
Width- 65″
Height- 61″
Ground clearance- 10″
Appox. weight w/o fuel- 1,992 lbs/2,252 lbs
Appox. weight with fuel- 2,456 lbs/2,716 lbs
Fuel capacity- 72 US Gal
Heat Transfer Fluid- 50 US Gal
Pump, 265 US GPH positive displacement- 1
Hose- 1
Hose reel- 1
Hose rewind- 120V AC, w/ 12V DC clutch
Circulation loop- 1
Tires- ST185/80D13
Hitch- 2″ ball
Lifting bar- yes
Fork lift pockets- both sides and rear

Heater, gross output- 126,000 BTU/H
Heater, net output- 110,000 BTU/H
Heater efficiency- 87%
Temperature controller- digital
Fuel consumption at full load- 90/1.32 US GPH
Fuel requirement- winter blend diesel
Run time- up to 115 hours
Electrical requirement when not using on-board generator- 1 x 20 amps x 120 V AC
Normal operating temp- 100F° – 180F°
Normal hose operating pressure- 70-90 psi
HTF flow rate per loop- 265 US GPH
Thawing capacity (standard)- 1,100 – 2,200 sq ft
Thawing capacity (with accessories)- 2,200 – 3,300 sq ft
Curing capacity (standard)- 2,200 sq ft
Curing capacity (with accessories)- up to 6,600 sq ft
Frost prevention (standard)- up to 3,300 sq ft
Frost prevention (with accessories)- up to 9,900 sq ft
Air heat capacity (with accessories)- 180,000 cu ft
Performance monitoring light- yes