Boman manual pallet jacks are designed to be a cost effective way for one person to move material around a warehouse. With various sizes and capacities such as 5500# pallet jacks.. Each Boman jack is a fully hydraulic pallet jack, has a stainless steel piston and ram for long use, ann easy to operate 3 position handle and polyurethane wheels and rollers for long life and easy rolling.

5,500 LB Capacity
2.9” Lowered Height
Three Position Handle
Full Hydraulic Pump
Sealed Bearings
Smooth Rolling Polyurethane Entry Wheels and Rollers
Durable Steel Exit Roller
Slow Lowering Capabilities
Safety Bypass Valve
High Quality Seals and Wipers
One Piece Tapered Forks
Stainless Steel Pump Piston