Will cut approximately 100′ per minute under good conditions

18″ Sod Cutter rental Features

– NEW Advanced Techlogy Vibration Isolation: four elastomeric handle isolators absorb and isolate vibration transmitted through the transmission case.

– Less Vibration – Handle support spring supports the weight of the handle assembly while isolating vibration from the transmission case.

– Good Balance, Easy Handling – Maximum traction and self-propelled action – 75% of the machine’s weight rests on the cast iron drive wheel; vulcanized knobby tread for superior traction and      stability

– Cut Curved Landscapes More Easily – 9″ x 3-1/2″ pneumatic rear caster wheel with lockout absorbs vibration and makes it easy to cut turf on curved landscapes

– Power for the Long Haul – Available with a Honda® GX160 or a Briggs & Stratton® Vanguard™ 6.5-hp; Built to last cast-iron gear case.

– Easy Depth and Blade Angle Adjustment for Varying Soil Conditions – Optional trenching and mole blade attachments.

– Optional Tote Trailer for On-Road Trailer Use – Transports Jr. Sod Cutter, Lawnaire® IV and V Plus aerators.

– Operator Accessible Cutting Depth Indicator – new cutting depth indicator is more accessible to the operator; indicates cutting depths up to 2.5 inches


– 18″ Cutting Blade

– Max depth 3″

– Weight 250 LBS

– Ryan sod cutter makes it easy to cut turf

– Cutting depth up to 3 inches

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