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Rent it? You bet! Especially in light of today’s economy, it just makes good sense to rent your equipment and tools. Consider the high cost of ownership: the initial purchase of new equipment, maintenance, storage, etc. Equipment renting is a low-cost, solution effective means of getting your projects done. Done quickly, done properly. For contractors and usually for homeowners, renting is a tax write-off as well. That’s why we say “Need it? Rent it!”

We offer competitive equipment rental rates in Utah by the hour, day, week or month. Ace Rents purchases the very best rental equipment available in the market. As a part of our ongoing program to provide top-shape rental equipment, we also sell our reconditioned tools and rental equipment at attractive prices.

Come in and visit the professional team at Ace Rentals, now with four locations in Utah County to serve your Utah rental equipment needs. We can give you tips and expert advice on just what you need to get the job done. The right equipment when you want it!

We provide the most friendly experience and the best service in the industry!

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